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They are the smallest dogs there are, their skull is apple-shaped and the coat is soft, fine and short. Colors range from beige to black. A compact and delicate adult usually measures between 15 and 23 cm and weighs from 1.8 to 2.7 kg.
The Chihuahua tends to form a close bond with one or two people, with whom it will be curious, lively and intelligent, as well as constantly affectionate.


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The Chihuahua adapts to the amount of exercise offered, always in moderation. They are usually very energetic and get very excited when playing, but they do not need long walks; half an hour a day will suffice. It is recommended to carry the Chihuahua with a harness instead of a leash due to the fragility of its trachea.
This breed does not need excessive grooming. This soft-coated variety is groomed with a comb or rubber brush from time to time. Chihuahuas do shed, but as a small breed, they do not have too much hair to lose. It is advisable to brush their teeth daily since, as with small breeds, they tend to have tartar.
Although it is traditionally believed that many dogs are good with children, all dogs and children need to be taught to get along and respect each other to be safe. Even so, dogs and young children should never be left alone and adults should supervise all interactions between them.

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