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The Akita is a large, powerful dog with a robust and determined appearance. Being only slightly longer than it is tall, the Akita presents a very balanced appearance.


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The Akita’s coat is short-medium and very dense. The undercoat is soft and thick which makes the Akita well adapted to colder climates, although the coat decreases in density considerably in the warmer months. The outer coat, or guard coat, is slightly longer and thicker. Some Akitas have long hair and, although not a desirable characteristic from a morphological point of view, they are attractive dogs in their own right. Akita colors include white, brindle and pinto. White Akitas do not have a mask.

The Akita was not bred to work in groups, but to be alone or in pairs. This heritage is still reflected today. The akita is happy being the only dog and can be aggressive with other dogs outside the family. With proper socialization the Akita can learn to tolerate other dogs but will always try to maintain its status as leader at any cost. The Akita is loyal and affectionate with family and friends, but very territorial at home and aloof with strangers. They are excellent watchdogs and will only bark if they sense something strange.

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